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Our highly qualified specialists perform periodic monitoring of the main and auxiliary ship machines, mechanisms, equipment and systems, their maintenance, ensuring their smooth operation, timely detection and elimination of breakdowns, scheduled and emergency repairs.

Using special equipment and tools allows us to perform high-quality repair work and ensure reliable operation of all repaired and replaced units and assemblies.

We organize health and labour safety courses (occupational safety, fire safety, first aid) for all our specialists.

List of works performed:

Repair of main and auxiliary engines in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the register of shipping and manufacturers’ plants, as well as after-sales warranty.

 Repair of equipment:

     Supercharger (GHP)

      Starting air compressors

      Fire, ballast, fuel priming pumps

      Speed-reduction gears

 Repair of fuel equipment:

      Repair of fuel pumps of main engines

      Repair of nozzles of main and auxiliary engines

 Commissioning works:

      Gas distribution system audit

      Setting fuel feed advance angles

      Checking the pressure of fuel compression and combustion

Alignment of the engine and pumps

 Preparing technical documentation (technical specifications for repairs, measurement charts, defecations)

 Dismantling of engines and ship equipment (to replace or repair in the workshop)

 Installation and commissioning of new equipment

 Installation, connection to ship systems

 All types of fitting and diagnostic works


 We provide a guarantee for works performed by us.

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