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Our highly qualified specialists not only manufacture, install and restore, but also perform unique modelling works on a wooden basis.

Our employees may apply various technologies, such as plywood, veneering and lamination.

We organize health and labour safety courses (occupational safety, fire safety, first aid) for all our specialists.

List of works performed:

Installation, fastening of ship’s complex furniture, equipment and parts of decoration of ship’s premises of valuable species of wood – polished and varnished.

Complex marking of installation sites according to drawings and sketches of furniture made of solid and valuable wood species.

Manually polished surfaces.

Repair of furniture made of precious wood with the appropriate selection of wood texture. Production of complex templates and layouts for furniture.

Cutting, adjustment, installation and fastening of sewn-ups of complex configuration of residential and office premises.

Performance of works on the equipment of salons and front rooms on yachts, passenger ships of the highest class and industrial vessels. Layout and laying of premises, preparation of specifications for preliminary cutting of materials.

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