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Our specialists may perform welding works regardless of the method and material.

All our welders are pre-tested and have certificates of Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register and other world’s classification societies that meet the requirements of the work.

We organize health and labour safety courses (occupational  safety, fire safety, first aid) for all our specialists.

List of works performed:

Welding at objects of shipbuilding, ship repairing, metal structures, food and chemical industries using 111, 135, 136, 141 and others methods; (classification societies Bureau Veritas and Lloyd’s Register conduct testing and certification)

Welding in all space positions under X-ray and US testing;

Welding using ceramic lining;

Full penetration welding and reverse formation of the welt root, carbon arc cutting;

Welding of parts, blocks, structures and pipelines, as well as materials: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, duralumin, copper alloys, etc. in various conditions;

Welding critical assemblies with full / partial heating;

Surfacing of cracks, deposition of defects, soldering of parts;

Welding / repair in difficult to reach places of complex shapes.

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