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Our employees perform various types of assembly of metal vessels: nodal, sectional, staple assembly in shipbuilding or repair of floating structures.

Our highly qualified specialists comply with the requirements for the quality of work on marking of installation sites.

We organize health and labour safety courses (occupational safety, fire safety, first aid) for all our specialists.

List of works performed:

Reading and applying technical and working documentation / work flow planning process;

Checking the configuration according to the documentation;

Preparing the workplace according to the working documentation;

Preparation of the positioner / jig (marking, preparation of parts, installation, testing, welding, contouring);

Nodal assembly, checking of components and parts;

Sectional assembly (in volume);

Block enlargement;

stocks works (preparation of the stocks, installation of the block, checking / marking, cutting, control of all sizes, finishing installation / mounting of the block, preparation of joints and grooves for welding);

Thermal and mechanical editing of parts, assemblies and ship as a whole;

Performing all repairs;

Thermal cutting, parts contouring (gas equipment, plasma);

carbon arc cutting of welds;

Drilling holes in parts with help of pneumatic machines;

Preparation and application of chalk or soapy solution to the seams of hull structures during testing.

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