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The Stena Line Trader Ship

The Stena Line Trader Ship

Project Description

The Stena Line Trader Ship

The first set of tests was carried out on a cross-channel ferry operating between the Hook of Holland and Killingholme in England. It is owned and operated by Stena Line and named “Trader”, shown in Figure 1. This ship is a 212 m, 26.7 kilotonne vessel. The main propulsion is provided by two B&W MAN engines with a total power output of 21.6 MW, The ship also has two auxiliary power engines running on marine gas oil (MGO) and provides the electrical power for the ship.

Our company were performing such works on the vessel like:

  • Painting works
  • Pipelining works
  • Locksmith works
  • Assembly works
  • Welding works

Project Details

General contractor: Maritek Ltd
Customer: Riga Shipyard
Owner: Stena Rederi


Gross tonnage: 28,510 tons
Length: 200 m
Beam: 26 m
Draught: 5.8 m

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