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Santiago I (Oil/Chemical Tanker)

Project Description

CLASS NOTATION: Tanker for Chemicals and Oil Products +100A1 Double Hull Oil & Chemical Tanker Ship Type 2, CSR, ESP, *IWS, LI, SPM4, ECO, SG 1.23, ShipRight (ACS (B), CM), +LMC, UMS, IGS, NAV 1, CAC3, ShipRight BWMP(T), ETA, COW

Eighteen cargo tanks + two slop tanks. Fourteen different grades of cargo can be fully segregated with independent line, loaded and discharged simultaneously. Double hull in way of cargo tanks, double bottom and side protective tanks of not less than 2 m width

Our company were performing such works on the vessel like:

  • Painting works
  • Pipelining works
  • Locksmith works
  • Assembly works

Project Details

Country of Build: Pula, Croatia
Builder: 3.MAJ Rijeka , Croatia
Year built: Under construction
Type: Oil/Сhemical Tanker


Deadweight: 49.999 dwt
Gross tonnage: 30000 t
Draft: 12,90 m
Lenght  over: 182,83 m
Speed: 14 knont
Breadth Moulded: 32.2 m
Depth Moulded: 17.5 m
Bow to Center manifold: 86.0 m
Keel to Mast: 44.2 m

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