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Radisson Royal Flotilla (Super-Yachts)

Project Description

In 2012-2013 Maritek Ltd has built super-yachts “Primavera” ,”Butterfly”, “Beauty”, “Montana” and “Felicita” which are able to accommodate comfortably 300 passengers in business and first class saloons, and there are open decks as well.

3-deck river yachts are constructed with European standards and adapted to the Russian climate. The yacht can comfortably accommodate 300 passengers, and guests can dance waltz on open decks. Russian River Register of vessel – R 1.2 (ice 20) specified in the yacht characteristics, ensures that this miracle of shipbuilding will easily overcome ice up to 20 cm!

Our company were performing such works on the vessel like:

  • Painting works
  • Pipelining works
  • Locksmith works
  • Assembly works
  • Welding works

Project Details

Type of vessel: Super-Yacht General
Contractor: Maritek Ltd
Customer: Riga Shipyard
Ship owner: Radisson Royal Flotilla
Year built: 2012



Length overall: 60,8 m
Width: 12,00 m
Gross tonnage: 618 t

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