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Project Description

This vessel, designated ST-155 is a long liner designed by Skipsteknisk AS. The vessel to have diesel electric propulsion, both aft and forward. The vessel is specially designed for lining through moonpool in centreline. This extends the time of fishing operations in severe weather conditions and with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities.

• Painting works
• Details’ assembling and welding;
• Sections’ building;
• Blocks mounting on slipway (forming of hull

Project Details

Type of vessel: Fishing Vessel
Customer: Riga Shipyard
General contractor: Maritek Ltd


Length overall: 51,30 m
Length p.p.: 45,60 m
Breadth: 12,40 m
Depth to main deck:5,70/5,82m
Depth to shelter deck: 8,30 m
Depth to forecastle deck:10,80m
Gross tonnage: 1737 t

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